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The Pollution Improvement Project By Soil Excavation Method with Clean Backfilled for Farmland Pollution Control Sites at Taoyuan City (C)

The project was to take remediation measures on polluted farmlands at Taoyuan by soil dilution, and soil excavation method with clean backfilled. Aforementioned farmlands are located at Luzhu, Dayuan and Bade districts. By the end of this project, assignments were finished included (1) submitting a work plan, off-site treatment plan, monthly performance reports, daily activity reports, and progress reports, (2) holding discussions for farmers, (3) inspecting the restricted farmlands, (4) improving the degree of heavy metal pollution of farmlands, and finally (5) deregulating farmlands. The department of environment protection held conferences regularly to examine the performances. The achievements included (1) holding 3 terms of discussions for farmers, (2) submitting off-site treatment plan, (3) analyzing soil fertility for 43 farmlands (4) monitoring from fourth quarter of 2015 to third quarter of 2016, (5) off-site disposal and excavating soil for 5,852.74 tons and filling non-polluted soil for 5,923.44 tons, (6) improving and passing verification for 43 numbers of farmlands (6.1262 hectares), (7) recovering soil fertility for 43 numbers of farmlands.
Heavy metal pollution, Soil excavation method with clean soil backfilled, Remediation of polluted farmlands