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2015 Land Quality Media Campaigns and Promotion Project

Tse Yueh Advertising and Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as, “Tse Yueh Advertising”) has been commissioned for the 2015 “The Promotion Project for Land Quality” under this project to allow the people to pay closer attention to the conservation of soil and groundwater, create the quality value of land, healthy water resources, and alert them of their responsibilities and attitudes for such purpose. Tse Yueh Advertising has accomplished the assigned duties and has accomplished the expected results and objectives of the scheme. In continuation of the aforementioned objective, the scheme for this year also aims at series of tasks in conformity to the needs of the Environmental Protection Administration. The activities for promotion planning and media operation of the scheme in this year has created 16,263,677 head counts of contact and 30 pieces of news, which is a record high. Ten animated films have been produced for the promotion of “Children Education and Promotion” , supported by 5 stage performances for children and 3 caricatures performance in different school campuses. These events have attracted 1,816 schoolchildren. In big events, we have accomplished the “Experience in Land Conservation Campaign”. We have accepted 100 people with 100% attendance rate. In regional activities, we have accomplished the “Keelung Chung Yuan Worshiping Ceremony”, “Taoyuan Land God Cultural Festival”, “Changhwa Ershui Water Running Festival”, with fairs supporting the events for promotion. There were 3,778 head counts in the events. In the “Experience of the People” event, we have attracted 53,475 head counts of participants. In “Medial Advertising”, the advertisement on mass transit for phase has been launched in October that attracted 9,315,675 viewing. Through cross-industry cooperation, we have put posters in 310 stores of ET Real Estate across Taiwan, 2 stores of Taitung Yuan-Sen Applied Botanical Garden, National Taiwan Science Education Center and 131 stations of the Taiwan Railway System for the advocacy of environmental protection nationwide. We also assisted 124 counts of broadcasting for charity purpose with 6,707,087 contacts. On Facebook, we have posted 420 pieces of news on “Soil and groundwater” in the fans circle, and attracted more than 9,000 people we had expected. We have completed all the “promotional materials” and have circulated the materials in all events. In sum, the aforementioned events have helped to attained and even surpassed the goals set for promotion and education.
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