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Supervision and Inspection Plan for the Quality Assurance of Projects Relevant to Soil and Groundwat

”Supervision and Inspection Plan for the Quality Assurance of Projects Relevant to Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation” audits on the associated programs executed by the Republic of China, Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration and counties and cities EPA on various soil and groundwater protection. The Quality Audition Project(QAP)performs 5 major tasks 1. Review the original individual plan according to the Quality Assurance Project Plan framework. 2. Audit the on-site sampling activities. 3. Laboratory audition. 4. Proficiency Test on blind CRM. 5. Workshops on auditors and environmental laboratories one time separately. Based on the project framework, the QAP has completed 111 reviews of the county and city QAPP plans, 90 on-site audits of samplings, 34 laboratories auditions (120 auditors visits). The PT tests for 13 laboratories on soils, groundwater and sledges with heavy metal and volatile organic compounds, total 560 items. With the compilation of all audit findings, one auditor workshop and one laboratories workshop were conducted. All QAP targeted project objectives have been fulfilled. The main target of this QAP is aimed to assure the each county and city soil and groundwater environmental protection program was properly executed according to its original QAPP on sampling and laboratory testing. All laboratories and county city EPA were informed by the non-compliance findings officially with the corresponding correction activities to improve the laboratories testing skill and data quality. The future project will aim at the same direction to fortify the core objectives of this QAP.
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