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Audit and Evaluation of Control and Management of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Associated Nation-Wide Projects 2015.

The duration of this project was from March 24th, 2015 to March 23rd, 2016. This project included 3 major tasks. The first task was to review and revise the current audit rules in order to enhance and improve the soil and groundwater remediation management quality. The objectives include: Developing the evaluation function to exam and collect the achievements of Environmental Protection Bureaus (EPBs). Completing the guidance of audit system which was provided for EPBs’ reference and assisting the revising test for the on-line system. Preparing the “Audit Rules Guidance of Fiscal Year 2016”. Completing the score calculation for EPBs each quarter of the fiscal year of 2015 and checking the accuracy of the data uploaded. Analyzing the grant utilization of EPBs of fiscal year 2014. Assisting the EPA to hold an awards ceremony of 2014 achievement evaluation for EPB. Establishing the board according to the audit rule and hold 2-day evaluation meeting then finish the score examination. The second task was to review and revise the current subsidy methods. The objectives include: Collecting and summarizing the budget analysis tables included in solid and groundwater pollution investigation and verification plan contract from 2010 to 2015. To conduct the market survey for prices of subsidized items then finish the price reasonable analysis. Revising the “Regulations for EPA Subsidizing the EPBs to Conduct the Solid and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Verification Works” and holding a discussion meeting. Establishing a review committee to review the “Solid and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Verification Plan of EPBs of Fiscal Year 2015” and hold the reviewing meetings. The third task was to promote the achievements of remediation activities and enhance the technology promotion and training the local experts. The objectives include: Completing the edition of soil and groundwater remediation annual report of Fiscal Year 2014. Editing and printing soil and groundwater photo album. Assisting the EPA to hold one training courses for Solid and Groundwater Management System. Preparing and conducting a 3-day cultivation camp for 160 college-level students and 25 staff members during summer time. Arranging a series of 3 lecture sessions and inviting experts as speakers in order to improve the local skills for solid and groundwater pollution investigation and remediation.
Affairs Evaluation, Audit Mechanism, Subsidy Method, Cultivation of Talent.