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2015 The maintenance, and performance improvement plan for the soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees internet application system

In order to improve the internet application process and the functionality of the search system regarding soil and groundwater pollution remediation fees, and integrate relevant filing, processing, reviewing, and data auditing procedures. In this project, 900 thousand entries of data concerning reviews of remediation fee declarations since 2013 have been collected from the system and compiled into 6 visualized graphs. The information provides a source of reference to the reviewing agency or the Soil and Groundwater Remediation Fund Management Board, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in conducting affairs of management and planning. After an analysis of the import/export data columns, relevant operational departments supplied 440 entries of data, which include the classification codes of goods in customs import/export declarations and lists of substances that incur remediation fees. The system conducts automatic comparison and filtering on 517,845 entries of import declaration data per month to identify the 10,188 entries required for remediation fee reviews. This process saves a large amount of human effort needed for manual checks and facilitates review and management work for the EPA. This study analyzed relevant import and export data fields and added “item screening” functions on the customs declaration forms to provide screening and sorting functions for the front desk on pre-filled, imported data, and further optimize the remediation fee filing interface. Additional work included establishing banking system data exchanges and electronic payment collection procedures in a test environment; strengthening case review, billing, registration, and management; providing login functions to each department for posting processing results; recording and managing overall postings. A five-stage comprehensive electronic management system for reinforcing the on-site audit process of processing departments will be constructed. The reviewing agency has logged 560 entries of on-site audit results in 2015, which will be uploaded along with the rectified declarations of relevant companies. Starting in 2016, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) can directly perform a system search on on-site audit tracking reports. In order to promote the internet application system, this project organized ten hands-on training sessions which attracted 283 participants. In the questionnaires, a satisfaction score of 91% was given by the participants with respect to the clarity of the instructor; a score of 100% was given on course arrangement and course content prepared by the instructor. An internal training session was also conducted to familiarize the EPA and relevant operational departments with various system functions such as processing procedures and system evaluations.
Soil and groundwater、Remediation Fees、Internet Application