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"To Open The Dome": PM2.5 public good governance academic forum project

The program contains three regional forums, an academic forum and academic visit. The main themes in the regional forum are "PM2.5 issues and Governance Dilemma" and " PM2.5 issues’ governance policies ideas", and the following four themes as a spindle of this academic forum agenda: "PM2.5 governance issues oriented : Challenges and Opportunities "," PM2.5 issues and industrial development and economy selection "," PM2.5 issues of regional governance and cooperation "," Under the PM2.5 issues of public health and risk. " Three regional forums were respectively held in Taichung, Huwei, and Chiayi in 2015 October 20, November 5, and November 11. An academic forum was held at Transworld University of Science and Technology on November 26. Furthermore, holding academic visit at Taichung power plant on November 27 and Six naphtha cracker complex in Yunlin on December 7. Using the feedback from do the satisfaction survey, statistical results as "very satisfied" of 67.3%; " satisfied " of 29.4% ; " ordinary " of 3.3% ; "not satisfied" and "very dissatisfied" of 0%. According to the responses and opinions made by the experts and scholars, the following conclusions are proposed: 1.The air pollution information cannot be effective public, 2.Taiwan's air quality monitoring stations are low popularity, 3.The central government and local governments cannot reach a consensus on several policies, 4.The communication between the public sectors and the private sectors were insufficient to achieve effective cooperation, 5.Faced with air pollution issues only proposed contingency measures. Making the proposals for conclusions: 1.Complete information on air pollution is disclosed, 2.More air quality monitoring stations should be established, 3.Cooperation and consensus between the central government and local governments should be made, 4.Effective dialogue between the public and private sectors should be encouraged to improve air quality; 5.Other than emergency measures, the long-term plan on air quality improvement policies should be set up.
PM2.5, Governance, Public Good Governance