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The Project of Evaluation and Analysis of Sustainable Development for Waste Treatment Facilities in offshore islets

Based on the specific nature of waste disposal in the offshore islets (including Penghu County, Kinmen County, Lianjiang County, Ryukyu Township, Green Island Township and Lanyu Township), the project is based on the previous national waste disposal policy and trajectory of advanced countries, the sustainable development of the offshore islets of garbage disposal strategies and planning of sustainable waste disposal facilities. This project report includes the concept of sustainable recycling of resources through general waste disposal facilities survey, waste disposal policy and foreign information. To explore the offshore islet of waste disposal or autonomy of the sophisticated approach to handling, to achieve the source of waste reduction, to extend the useful life of facilities, set aside the amount of strain treatment capacity and enhance the efficiency of waste transfer to Taiwan and other objectives. The report begins with a survey of the output and treatment status of waste from six offshore islets, including waste disposal facilities on the offshore islets, such as landfill sites, kitchen composting plants, huge garbage crusher plants and resource sorting plants. The report also contains the survey for the projects of central and local government of the waste disposal policy for offshore islets in the last five years. Besides, the report also includes the survey on Macao islet and Okinawa Archipelago of Japan, and the Guam and Hawaii Archipelago of the United States. In the report, the overall concept of waste disposal in the offshore islets is proposed, which includes the implementation strategy and action guideline of how to reduce the waste output, how to enhance the waste reuse, how to improve the recycling of resources, and how to enhance the waste energy recovery. The reports also setup the waste disposal facilities budget costs, and the government’s budget sources. The report also explored the possibility and the feasibility study of transfer the garbage, including sea-debris, from the offshore islets of Taiwan to Mainland China. The main subjects of this report are the recommendations for waste disposal overall solutions for 6 offshore islets, include waste disposal status analysis, waste treatment policy study: treatment by the offshore islet itself or transfer the waste to others, and short-, medium- and long-term waste disposal facility options for six offshore islets. The report concludes with a discussion of the sustainable operation of the offshore islets sanitation landfill, as well as the contingency plan for offshore islets post-disaster rubbish disposal. The final chapter is describing the workshop on "Outreach Strategies and Technologies for Waste Resource Recycling in Offshore islets".
Sustainable Development, Offshore islet, Waste Treatment Facilities, Circular Economy