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Program for Promoting Public Climate Literacy

In order to implement the Environmental Protection Administration (hereinafter EPA)’s program for Promoting Public Climate Literacy and collect people’s consensus of tackling climate change, this project has carried out three approaches: Activity & Outreach, Research & Study, and Action & Reward to reach its goal. With the first approach Activity & Outreach, one of this project is to respond to the theme of 2015 World Environmental Day. The two major events included holding a climate change exhibition in Changhua and participating in the 2016 International Spring Travel Fair to promote low-carbon life. In addition, this project outreaches to the public through a set of teaching aids and a series of video interviews themed of climate change knowledge and low-carbon life, which aims to improve the information sharing, knowledge interaction, and policy understanding of the public. With the second approach Research & Study, the purpose is to survey the public awareness of climate change adaptation in Taiwan. This project begins with the investigation of domestic and international research data about climate change literacy, and then analyzes the indicators and methods. After the research, this project decided to target people who aged over 20’s and do the questionnaire survey. Among the distribution of 1,300 questionnaires, a total of 578 valid samples are collected. According to the result, the majority of people have basic climate change knowledge, but lack of further understanding of mitigation, adaptation and its policy. The statics has presented that civic living in different regions showed various level of climate change knowledge. It is suggested that EPA shall focus more on its strategy to promote climate change literacy in southern Taiwan. With the third approach Action & Reward, the 2016 “Carbon Cutting Action Award” has been accomplished with the engagement of more than 130 domestic companies and local communities. Among the participants, 23 have won the first prize with its contribution, passion and efforts to incorporate the spirit of carbon reduction and energy conservation. This award not only motivates to cut carbon, but encourages companies’ further action on social responsibility of sustainable development. In conclusion, during this annual term, this project aims to build the public’s capacity to address with the impact of climate change, promotes the knowledge and information of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and collects public’s consensus to the vision of “Low Carbon Society and Sustainable Development.”
Climate change, Adaptation literacy, Carbon Cutting Action Award