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The Investigation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination of Lienchiang County in 2015

For the environmental sustainability, the program of “The Survey of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Lienchiang County in 2015” has been advanced, which involved to investigate soil of farmland and high pollution potential martial sites, to verify soil of cites, groundwater monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater investigation in both dry season and wet season, to assist and supervise declaration and facilities improvement of gas stations, and to supervise control sites, advertisement of soil and groundwater contamination prevention, dealing with emergency cases, and administrative assistances.   The plan has been executed from January 23th 2015 to December 31th 2015, and the results of implementation are summarized as follows:   Firstly, the soil investigations of agricultural lands of Ren-ai Village, Jie-shou shared farmland, Zhu-luo Village and the hill behind Lienchiang goverment were completed. The results showed that 6 sampling sites of Ren-ai Village ware contaminated by zinc or copper, exceeding monitoring standards. In addition, the soil surveys of high pollution potential sites were completed, and the results were below the monitoring standards.   The task of groundwater monitoring wells inspection was implemented twice this year averagely and there were totally 32 maintenance works finished. Four groundwater monitoring well screens also were completed, and three purges of monitoring well were implemented according to the screen results. Besides, there were 11 monitoring wells surveys accomplished in both dry and wet season, and whose results indicated that the 6 groundwater of monitoring wells with exceeding monitoring standard of total dissolved solid, ammonia, chloride, sulfate, total organic carbon, hardness and manganese.   With respect to the mission of to assist and supervise declaration and facilities improvement of gas stations, the three season of declaration checks, gas stations assistance and six stations of soil gas monitoring were completed.   Furthermore, there are two control sites in Lien-chiang County, The works of remediation had begun in this year. Communication and consultation were carried out by inspection results. Also, the inspection frequency was increased to control remediation progress along with the important work schedule.   Lastly, in terms of laws enforcements and education, the meeting about gas stations management, guidelines for determining the due care of a good administrator of the interested person of a polluted land, and rationality of fertilizing were held. For the purpose of pursuing success assessment, the team assisted Lienchiang Government Environmental Protection Bureau to publicize the concepts of environmental education to elementary school.
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