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2015-2016 Registered professional environmental engineer certification case review and management in

The objectives of Executive Yuan EPA’s registered professional environmental engineer certification cases review were to understand the quality and defects of certifications processed by certified engineers. The results may be used to guide the improvement of certification engineers and to upgrade the quality of certified Professional Environmental Engineers. Also, Started in 2006, the operations of registered professional engineering organizations have been reviewed. The key points were focused on inspection of work drafts. This year, the review of the operation of registered professional engineering organizations found that the most frequent defects were “Relevant calculations are not saved for certificate cases”, around 40%. The next defects were “work drafts did not clearly specify the origin of each fact or the sources and date of data”, and "the results of review were not reasonable or not consistent with the contents of the document”, around 30% each. Next on the list were “pages were not noted for facts and data referenced between working papers” and “the first page of the original working manuscripts did not have executed seal and signature ", around 20% each. For the review of water pollution sites, the most frequent defects were "in the application documents, texts and values were not filled in, incorrect or inconsistent", around 55%, followed by "unreasonable treatment unit design parameters and operational parameters", around 35%. Next defects were “operation conditions or control parameters were not consistent with application document”, and "the contaminants in the raw materials were not listed in wastewater water quality items”, 23% each. The most frequent defects appeared on stationary source review were "in the application documents, texts and values were not filled in, incorrect or inconsistent", around 67%. followed by “for pollution control facilities, processing unit design parameters and operation parameters were not reasonable”, around 44%. And next defect was “calculation errors for air pollutant emissions, such used wrong equations and the height of discharge pipe outlets not calculated in accordance to height above ground”, around 33%. For soil and underground water pollution remediation cases on site review, the most frequently appearing defects were “in the application documents, texts and values were not filled in, incorrect or inconsistent”, “site current and usage historieswere not described”, “start layout sampling points and sampling before studying of prior site use conditions”, “without business owner’s pollution potential areas”, and “no pollutant data and process pollution control information”, etc. five items. In addition, to effectively manage the professional engineer certification process, this program established the Registered Professional Environmental Engineer management information system. Through an Internet database, information was provided to every level of environmental control management organizations to make available basic information on professional engineers, including their certification status, review results, and award and punishment received, to improve the management of professional engineer certifications. And, continuously coordinating with EPA and regional EPB to promote the use of internet to carry out permit application system, to strengthen registered environmental engineer certification record submission and relevant interface functions. Another objective of this program is to continuously assist EPA to study and develop information for registered professional environmental engineer regulations, including amend regulations related to registered engineer, evaluate registered environmental engineers, environmental engineering industry and environmental consultant company laws. And study and propose responses to relevant proposals of Legislative Yuan and environmental industries or registered environment engineers.
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