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The sustainable development perspective and assessment of the Economic and Trade Core Zone in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung was once dominated by heavy industries. There are 91 remediation sites in Kaohsiung so far, a total of 771 ha, about 40% of the total remediation site in Taiwan. So far, to promote the economic development and environmental protection, the Kaohsiung City government conducted industrial restructure and remediation persistently. However, there are still many contamination sites hinder the urban development. As the result, the Kaohsiung Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) issued the project, "The sustainable development perspective and assessment of the Economic and Trade Core Zone in Kaohsiung”, in 2015. The project including management of contaminated sites, economic analysis, historical records, and achievement exhibition. There were 11 sites’ soil verifications, 182 soil sampling and analysis, 486 on-site inspections, and 108 reports review. In accordance with the urban development plan, there were 7 sites deregulated, a total of 27 hectares. To record the chang of landscape of the site, there were 6 aerial photography, 13,040 hours time-lapse photography, 4 documentary video, and an official website. The Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) is introduced to evaluate the carbon footprint for each remediation methods. Further, the remediation economic benefit is conducted. A total of NT $ 24.8 billion remediation profit is estimated from 32 contaminated sites. 3 soil and groundwater interactive games are designed. With teaching material and teacher study, to raise the awareness of environmental protection for different ages. The 2016 Kaohsiung soil and groundwater environmental exhibition was more than 2,000 people visited, including government, professionals, teachers, students, and local enterprise. The exhibition effectively promotes Kaohsiung’s international visibility. The project is to manage a site, to educate people, and to redevelop the land. The project are not choosing sides between landowner, investor, or the public. It also tried to develop the partnership between all stakeholders by let them all involve, thus creating a win-win project. The project ended up in a good response from all people participated.
Economic and Trade Core Zone/Kaohsiung Multifunctional Commerce and Trade Park,Asia's New Bay Area,Environmental Education,2016 Kaohsiung International Brownfield Conference