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Insitu Bioremediation for the delineated groundwater pollution use restriction zone in Tung-Guang section of Hsinchu City

This project achieved a number of objectives regarding investigation of groundwater contamination, public advocacy and management of groundwater monitoring wells in this project area. While the project duration was started from 17/5/2016 to 16/5/2018, the major achievements are stated as follows: 1. 6 new wells installation including the lot number 661 of Tung-Guang section.2. Extensive investigation of high pollution potential sites locating at project area accomplished. In total, 109 sampling of verified groundwater monitoring well was analyzed for general items and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 3. The biodegradation and removal of trichloroethylene (TCE) in groundwater under aerobic condition by indigenous soil cells were used in this project. 4. Propaganda and promotion:2 propaganda for groundwater pollution acts was held and that makes participants have more understanding about the concerned laws to questionnaire returned.