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Soil and Groundwater Quality Management of National Industrial land

Industrial production often leads to soil and groundwater pollution, and thus the Taiwan EPA amended the law to order that the industry competent authorities of the industrial parks should regularly perform soil and groundwater quality measurement and submit the results to the local environmental protection competent authority in 2011. Meanwhile, the action plan of soil and groundwater quality management for industrial park is implemented. The light classification management system has been used to assess the pollution potential and plan the monitoring and site investigation of industrial park. Based on the management strategy, the project continued promoting the light classification management system and requiring these competent authorities to implement the pollution prevention and monitoring. The project promoted 31 industrial parks to fufill the goal of management and thus turned down their light classification rank. Among them, Taichung export processing zone was the first successful case of the red light turning down to orange light. In order to verify the effectiveness of the testing and reporting regulations by industry parks, the project implemented the re-inspection, and set up a monitoring network to get over the groundwater quality of the high pollution potential land. According to the assessment outcome and the results of invegastion, the project suggested the follow-up monitoring and management program. In accordance with the requirements of the following environmental management needs of the industrial land, the project submitted the impact analysis and supporting measures, and drafted the relevant classification monitoring system, the operating procedure of abnormal monitoring results, the local environmental protection authorities performance evaluation index, and the future implementation strategies and management plans.
Light classification management, soil and groundwater quality investigation, testing and reporting regulations by industry parks, operating procedure of abnormal monitoring results