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Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigation Project in 2016 Environmental Protection Bureau, Nantou County Government

This project starts from February 25rd, 2016 to December 20st, 2016, which it is mainly to assist Environmental Protection Bureau of Nantou County Government in investigating soil and groundwater quality of high potential polluted areas and providing professional consulting service and technical support. All the project work has been completed, and the results are as following. The groundwater monitoring of dry and wet seasons has completed in April and July 2016, and the results show that NH3+, Fe, Mn, TCE, total Chromium exceed groundwater monitoring standards. Compared with the detection data of over the years testing, it has been found that the pollutants and the concentration have no difference in evidence. In addition, this project also verification of 3 contamination sites, 2 of them were removed from controlled lists, site number M10062 still executing their contamination improvement plans. We assisted the gas stations with their quarterly reporting, achieving a reporting rate of 100 % , and also completed 94 gas stations inspections, additionally provided the further advised re-inspected lists and pollution grading of gas stations. On the other hand, 5 sites of contamination investigations were performed by using emergency management activities and two agricultural fields exceeded the standard, major pollutants include heavy metals. According to Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, It was suggested to made their contamination improvement plans and remediation. Last but not least, this project also held Annual review of remediation of soil and groundwater pollution conference, two guidance meetings, two training, and conducted propagandas in four campus, and over nine hundred participants were partaken in. As for the other related administrative tasks, this project assisted the Environmental Protection Bureau to complete emergent cases and sessions related to soil and groundwater, review plans and reports, and attend meetings, etc. The administrative tasks were conformed to the Environmental Protection Bureau for response team.
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