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Energizing River Patrol Team with Empowerment and Educational Training

The theme of the year is empowerment, to cultivate river patrol by educational training and local environmental conference. To achieve the goal, the works can be divided in five parts:(1)Developing strategies of public participation in water management, (2)The overall planning, operation and performance appraisal of the river patrols in Taiwan, (3)Promoting public participation of the river restoration, (4)River patrols empowerment and educational training, (5)Using ion exchange resin monitoring heaving metal. To elaborate the goals and to communicate with the local governments, the annual workshop was held. To understand the situations of local public participation, government officials of twenty-two counties and cities were interviewed and suggestions were made to meet local problems. Encouraging river patrols who dedicated themselves, ten teams which is the most outstanding were awarded. Cultivating river patrols as a deliverer of environmental education, eight courses and trainings were held. The main goal of public participation is to gathering people and provides platforms to communicate, thus local water environmental conferences were held to collect ideas and suggestions. To find out the suspicious polluted areas, river patrols were invited using icon exchange resin. In addition to all of above, related literature review and case studies of public participation was done to conclude specific advices of river patrols and local aquatic problems.
Public participation, water environment watch program, River Conservation Center