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The Integrated Management, Establishment and Upgrade Project of Drinking Water Management System and Drinking Water Source Protection Area Geography Information System(2/2)

In order to meet the contract specifications of drinking water management system, five aims of this project have been accomplished. We updated the survey management platform, enhance the system function, and upgrade digital map and troubleshooting function in the "Geographic Information System of Drinking Water Source Quality. Our team also upgraded 4 functions for user’s demands in the drinking water GIS website. The application for site survey also has been developed in order to maintaining and upgrading the drinking water GIS system. We updated the expansion and normal operation, data update and troubleshooting part of the implementation of system maintenance a total of 209, and the expansion of 14 system functions in the system function upgrade program. For the public drinking water website, we conducted regular checks 47 times, updated the water quality testing data 14 times, published 25 drinking water related news and added a set of mobile inquiry function. As updating the drinking water protected area map, we renewed 5 areas and created 167 maps at scale 1:5000. A nationwide drinking water management reviewing and system training conferences was held. In Information security, we had attended respectively information security drill twice which held by the EPA and the Executive Yuan. We also implemented information security controls and data backup according to the EPA Standards. The results of work carried out during this year, effectively improved the efficiency for the central and local environmental protection agencies on drinking water management.
Drinking Water Source Protection Area, Geographic Information System, ArcGIS, Drinking Water Management Information System, The examination of drinking water