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Plan of Promoting Energy-saving and Temperature-reducing Green Roof in Tainan

Summary 1.Formulated the proposal of green roof incentives and built green roof models We formulated the proposal of green roof incentives of this project and ran 3 seminars to inform the communities, including neighborhoods, schools and government institutions. To educate the public on green roof construction, we built 9 models on the rooftop of the Environment Protection Bureau of Tainan City Government, which showcased the diversity of green roof materials. 2.Constructed green roofs and provided technical guidance We engaged the experts to assess the conditions of the roofs. 18 from all the 24 applicants met the safety criteria. We guided the applicants in composing the proposal. Excluding unapproved applicants, we received 10 proposals and with the agreement of the experts and executive staffs of this project, we finalized the list and order of incentives. We started building 10 green roofs Sept. onwards and finished in Dec., reaching 533 m2 green area in total. For strengthening applicants the skill of green roof maintenance, we provided them with technical guidance. 3.Organized seminars and distributed the press release To widely spread the information of this project, we organized 3 seminars inviting 85 individuals from 69 organizations. In the end of the project, we made a presentation for 10 beautiful green roofs and invited the public to grow their own vegetables in the rooftop. With the technical tour in Kaohsiung, we managed to see other 3 classic green roofs in neighbor city, which promoted Tainan a lot. We got more support from the public via press release, Facebook and blog posts. 4.Evaluated the environmental benefits of green roof The data shows that no matter what kind of greenery module the thermal performance of green roof could reduce the heat transfer percentage of more than 60%. Since if you reduce the indoor temperature of 1℃, you could save 6% electricity on air conditioning. All the cases in this project would save electricity power on air conditioning at least 6%. Based on the actual measurement of the seven greenery modules on the rooftop of TEPA, it was found that the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction by extensive green roof system has the best thermal performance in summer, with the reduction percentage of heat transfer more than 86.4%, while in autumn and winter, PVC flower pergola has the best reduction percentage of heat transfer up to 62.2% and above. In addition, the performance of carbon fixation and water retention, the nine demonstration sites are estimated to be fixed a total of 1276.87 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year, then a total of about 51 tonnes within a 40-year life cycle; water retention on delaying the stormwater runoff up to 76.05 cubic meters.  
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