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Action Plan for Promoting the Low-Carbon Kinmen Island - Establishment and Evaluating Overall Implementation Effectiveness

Under Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland Policy, The EPA of Administrative Yuan started the Low Carbon Kinmen Island Planning since 2010. This project is the continuity of the Planning for the assistance and supervision of the execution of the 6 Flagship Programs under Low Carbon Kinmen Island Planning, including calculation of greenhouse gas and reduction strategy, supervision and analysis of the effectiveness of the implemented action items and continuously rolling review of the Planning with national policy and executive status, strengthening sustainability education and promotion of Low Carbon Kinmen Island. The outcomes of this project are: 1. Provide assistance and supervision for 6 flagship programs for technical support and administrative aid, continuously rolling review of the Planning with national policy and executive status, and amendments for those programs which are behind schedules or obstructed. 2. Inventory the greenhouse gas emissions of Kinmen in 2016 and 2017, and analysis the main variables of influences for GHG emissions. GIS display system for GHG emission and among districts of Kinmen, and using analysis calculated model and the situational simulation tool for provide the strategy of saving energy/emission redution for districts of Kinmen. 3. Implementation of 4 action items by considering technical feasibility, self-financing ability and reproductivity, including feasibility assessment of methane recovery and reuse from wastewater treatment facility in Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor, rainwater tank in Shan-An Primary School, Diy green roof in Shan-An Primary School, Street furniture combined with potting plants demonstration in Shamei Station of Jinsha Town. The action items were also registered in EPA’s Low Carbon Sustainable Information System Website for demonstration of the outcomes of Kinmen Low Carbon Island. 4. Propaganda and promotion of Kinmen Low Carbon Island, including 4 low carbon training courses, 4 low carbon sustainable promotion campaigns, and advertisement for internal and external propaganda of Kinmen low carbon island. 5. Quarterly supervision of Low Carbon Kinmen Island Planning and evaluation of its effectiveness, including 8 routinely administrative meetings, 2 field evaluation visits by experts, and 13 staff meetings.
Kinmen, Low Carbon Island, Low-Carbon Community