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Promotion Plan to Construct Low-Carbon Sustainable Homeland Project 2018

Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, R.O.C (EPAT) had started implementing the “Low-Carbon and Sustainable Homeland Certification Pilot Project” since July 1st, 2014. By the method of encouraging all public to join the program, EPTA can deliver the concept of low carbon and sustainable to public and bring up low carbon lifestyle. Thus, the concept can be transformed into real action, and then construct the low-carbon society. With the essence of competing-with-yourself, this pilot project is implemented with both bottom-up and top-down mechanism, trying to engaging in all the communities, villages, districts and cities/counties. This project also focuses on keeping the program smoothly operating by maintaining the function of all the relevant organization, reviewing the grants programs, oversight and evaluation the effectiveness of the implementation and holding training courses for the related employees. Moreover, this project has designed a reward method for outstanding units in carbon reduction achievement such as providing a carbon reduction improvement as an encouragement. Meanwhile, by integration the achievements and publicity on the internet, the public participation status and low carbon literacy can be strengthened.
Low-Carbon Measures, Sustainable Development, Certification and Evaluation