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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

Construction of regional non-ionizing radiation monitoring data and information management project

In order to achieve a more comprehensive investigation of the distribution of environmental electromagnetic waves, the experiment conducted regional measurements. Perform rapid and extensive measurements in a specific range to collect aggregate exposures from multiple sources of electromagnetic fields in a specific range. The measurement data is used to understand the distribution and changes of environmental electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic field exposure that the public accepts daily. At the same time, we conducting the "non-ionizing radiation information education and promotion conference" and the Non-ionizing Radiation Testing and Internship Seminar of the County Environmental Protection Bureau(EPB), as well as updating the information of National Non-ionizing Radiation Geography Information System(GIS) and non-ionizing radiation database to facilitate public inquiries. Non-Ionizing Radiation GIS and Non-Ionizing Radiation database maintenance included Non-Ionizing Radiation GIS and Non-Ionizing Radiation database routine maintained. With this work, all systems could be used without exceptions. Furthermore, consulting services to assist measurement personnel in uploading measurement data was provided. Those data which were entered into Non-Ionizing Radiation database had been inspected and corrected. And those data would be provided to OpenData.epa for information platform using.
Non-Ionizing Radiation, Electromagnetic Field, Radio Frequency