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Auditing Project of Construction Quality of the Environmental Protection Facilities (2019-2022))

The main objective of this project includes: 1、implement a project inspection system executed by environmental protection facilities,2、hold seminars and training course on the quality improving and experiment sharing of the construction,3、develop inspection system of engineering quality standard procedures for environmental protection facility,4、establish the ISO 9001 system for the quality inspection the of environmental construction, 5、provide necessary suggestion for improvement in construction quality and innovation ,and 6、manage the Web system for the quality control of environmental construction for Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). The result show that the percentage of the sample which have reach class A with an average respective score and as follows 82% with 81,73% with 80.3, 69% with 80, 81% with 80.6 , for the year of 2022,2021,2020,2019,respectively ,from the above results ,it can be found that the ratio of class A has reached 3/4,with a score of around 80. Due to an increase in the frequency of counseling and supervision, the audit performance has maintained a certain level, However there is limited room for progress although the engineering review is class A. In the future for better improvement for implementation ,more attention needs to be drawn to the supervision system of the owner and the frequency of spot checking by the design and supervision as well as the independent inspection by the contractor for each project. In addition to the above reasons, checking whether the business unit has prior counseling will also affect the ratio of A-level. In 2010, the proportion of prior counseling by the Environmental Management Office and the Soil and Water Conservation Office was 100%, and the proportion of A-level was 73.68% and 96.3%. In 2010 The proportion of career counseling is 52.6% for the Environmental Management Office, 82.1% for the Soil and Water Conservation Office, and 68.4% and 85.7% for Grade A. It is obvious that the business unit’s career counseling ratio is related to the audit results. Therefore, the business unit’s prior counseling significantly affects the audit results and projects. quality. The analysis of common lack of documents during the inspection can be roughly classified as follows: the common lack of project supervision documents of the host organization is because the quality control fee is not listed in the [4.01.01] contract, or the quality control personnel have full-time and number of regulations, and the number of people and months is not specified. Quantitative provision of …. or no provision for air pollution control facilities. If the manufacturing supervision unit lacks [] whether there is a random inspection of construction operations and materials and equipment, and fill in a random inspection (inspection) record form, or whether there is a master control list for inspection (trial) inspection of production materials and equipment, or whether there is a parallel inspection (test) ) inspection report interpretation and approval items are the highest, and 32 cases are as high as 48 cases, accounting for 66.67%. It is obvious that the supervisory unit has not implemented the random inspection of construction operations, materials and equipment, etc., and the two manufacturers have gone their separate ways, resulting in ineffective results. The contractor's commodity management self-checklist has not been implemented, or the inspection standards are not quantified, allowable error values, or the inspection value has not been recorded [4.03.04], as high as 83.33%. It is obvious that the contractors generally do not pay attention to the quality control self-checklist It is a mere formality, and should be quantified and filled in the self-check form according to the actual inspection situation. The common lack of engineering quality on site is [5.09.08] No project notice board or the content does not meet the requirements is the most, followed by [5.01.05] Construction joints and expansion joints are improperly left or improperly implemented or not set, [5.01.01] Concrete pouring and tamping are not up to standard, cold joints, honeycombs or holes are produced, [5.01.03] The vertical and horizontality of the concrete finish surface is out of specification and [5.01.02] Concrete curing is out of specification, plastic shrinkage causes cracks, etc. There are many defects on site, so the organizer and the supervision unit should strengthen the secondary quality control and on-site supervision to maintain the quality of the project.
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