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Pilot project of regional climate change adaption facilities

Climate change is an unavoidable phenomenon. The main mission of this project is to support the EPA to promote the climate change adaption action in a regional or local area. In this project, we used the real facility which is able to mitigate the high temperature and conserve rainwater and the facility should be integrated to civil life environment and then to raise the public awareness on climate change adaptation. The adaptation facilities were built in BeiTou elementary school and in BeiTou MRT square. In order to monitor their performance, several water level meters and temperature meters were placed and integrated with a IoT system. Therefore, the real-time monitoring data can be presented on the specific website. After one year monitoring, the pilot site showed satisfactory results. The temperature in the pilot site is less than 2 °C, comparing with adjacent impermeable pavements. Moreover, the reduced temperature could be up to 10 °C. The rainwater conservation rates are all larger than the required rate, 7%. In the BeiTou elementary school, an underground storage tank was designed in order to reuse rainwater so that this tank could store much rainwater and leaded to 100% water conservation rate in most rainfall events. In this project, the international and local cases were collected and analyzed, combined with the experiences from the two pilot sites, we concluded the suggestions about design, assessment, and future maintenance. In order to assist other cities to implement such adaptation facilities, the standard operation procedure (SOP) of selecting optimal site are conducted, in which two-stage selection and related assessment indicators are included. With the SOP, other cities or regions could be able to find the suitable places to build the similar facility and upgrade their climate change adaptation capacity.
Climate change, Rain Garden, Adaptation