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Research on RF Non-Ionizing Radiation Regional Environmental Monitoring

Plan and implement the establishment of an electromagnetic wave area monitoring system and measurement method was planned and implemented. The environmental electromagnetic wave area monitoring technology was established. The rapid and large-scale measurement and evaluation of specific areas in three metropolitan areas of 33.1 square kilometers were done. A suitable presentation method of domestic environmental electromagnetic wave area monitoring information was developed, and RF electromagnetic field maps were drawn. At the same time, we conducting the "non-ionizing radiation information education and promotion conference" and the Non-ionizing Radiation Testing and Internship Seminar of the County Environmental Protection Bureau(EPB), as well as updating the information of National Non-ionizing Radiation Geography Information System(GIS) and non-ionizing radiation database to facilitate public inquiries. Furthermore, consulting services to assist measurement personnel in uploading measurement data was provided. The data that were entered into Non-Ionizing Radiation database had been inspected and corrected. The non-ionizing radiation information management system was updated, to include the operation of the "Search by map" function and the positioning function, so that the public can easily query and read the measurement information; the online statistical tool was updated to provide historical measurement data query and perform advanced functions of classification statistics ; the spatial data and geographic maps of electromagnetic wave monitoring in each major city area were summarized and built into the non-ionizing radiation information management system.
Non-Ionizing Radiation, Electromagnetic Field, Radio Frequency (RF)