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108-109 Cleaning team site environmental protection facilities improvement integration promotion program

The plan aims to integrate the administrative resources of the EPA bureaus to subsidize local environmental enforcement agencies and to assist in promoting overall improvement of local environmental protection facilities in clean team site, the results of which are described below: In order to assist the local executive organs to understand the overall implementation direction of the improvement of environmental protection facilities in the construction team site, the plan is based on the relevant laws and regulations to develop environmental protection facilities set-up norms, including operational management, job safety, environmental maintenance and operation safety, and design the relevant facilities configuration map, as the future cleaning team site environmental protection facilities operating environment improvement or new planning reference basis. In order to enable local executive agencies to understand the excellent operating environment and standards of environmental protection facilities, this plan has specially organized two observation activities. Through actual visits to understand the operation mode, it also serves as a channel for the exchange of opinions between the central and local governments. Many local executive agencies cooperate with the overall plan to improve the working environment of existing environmental protection facilities, so that the working environment of the cleaning team can be safer and more secure. Through the implementation of the project to assist the EPA to apply for integration scheme subsidy of the local cleaning team site to carry out the current survey operation, and after the current survey to assist in the integration of the views of the relevant members, to provide the applicant's revised application, and for the application for project improvement advice analysis and integration, as a reference for future guidance to local executive authorities to apply for the integration of the improvement plan, so as to effectively apply for the scheme to shorten.
Cleaning team site, Integration, Environmental improvement