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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The Project of Developing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Taichung City in 2020.

The execution period of the project is from December 21, 2020 to December 31, 2021, and the current workload completion rate has reached 100.0%. The main objectives completed at this stage are as follows: (1) Collecting and researching a report of international sustainability strategies; (2) Collecting and researching a report of promoting sustainable development from domestic municipalities; (3) Completing a comparison and feasibility report of sustainable development indicators; (4) Researching a project of sustainable development about Taichung; (5) Conducting five meetings of sustainable development; (6) Conducting two meetings of expert consultation; (7) Completing two statistic and evaluation reports of sustainable development goals and indicators of Taichung City; (8) Producing a report of Taichung City Voluntary Local Review; (9) Making and promoting a video of Taichung City Voluntary Local Review; (10) Contacting with sustainable development international organizations and data preparation; (11) Conducting an achievement exhibition of Taichung City Voluntary Local Review; (12) Counselling different bureaus with 21 sessions of sustainable development strategies and communication meetings; (13) Conducting two workshops of sustainable development; (14) Conducting a sustainable development activity of visiting domestic agencies and groups; (15) Conducting an educational training ; (16) Making and promoting an educational campus video of sustainable development.
Sustainable development goals, Voluntary local review, Sustainable city