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Research on Non-ionizing Radiation Management and Environmental Monitoring Empirical Technology

This project completed the measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic field levels in specific areas of 3 metropolitan areas, and empirically validated the designed and established environmental electromagnetic wave regional monitoring technology, including monitoring systems and measurement methods. The measurement areas included Daan District of Taipei City, The North District, West District of Taichung City, and Xinxing District and Lingya District of Kaohsiung City had a total measurement area of 32.66 square kilometers. The collected data was processed to provide follow-up applications up to 13,000; the regional environmental electromagnetic wave monitoring results of each metropolitan area Draw radio frequency electromagnetic field information maps and compared them in different time periods, and integrated them into spatial data geographic layers, and build them on non-ionizing radiation control website; collected research on 5G technology and environmental electromagnetic wave exposure information. In the visible light part, 5 routes were surveyed on the site near the light pollution source, and 2 routes were selected for dynamic monitoring of environmental light sources. The dynamic monitoring methods of environmental light sources were also verified. The monitoring path length was 11.4 kilometers, and the number of measurement verifications exceeded 200 points; the results of dynamic monitoring of environmental light sources combined with map presentation methods were developed; Analysis of light pollution source types for cases of light pollution reports in the past 3 years. Regularly maintained the non-ionizing radiation control website and information management system, provided measurement personnel of various ministries and agencies to declare and upload measurement data, and provided people with smooth conditions or maps to query measurement information. Assisted in 6 sessions of education explanation meetings on the prevention and measurement of non-ionizing radiation(radio frequency, extreme low frequency and visible light) pollution sources, including explaining the knowledge of electromagnetic waves and light pollution to the public, or promoting the understanding and measurement methods of non-ionizing radiation and light pollution management and measurement methods by business contractors of local environmental protection bureaus Improve the handling skills of petition cases.
Non-Ionizing Radiation, Electromagnetic Field, Radio Frequency (RF), light pollution