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Evaluation plan for the integration and improvement of local environmental protection facilities and the optimization of operating environment quality in 110 years

This plan is to grasp the actual status of the environmental protection facilities and surrounding environment attached to the local environmental protection executive agency,to promote the local competent authority to pay attention to the improvement of waste treatment capacity, and to strengthen the management and maintenance of the facilities and its attached equipment and machinery to improve the cleaning team the quality of the working environment has changed the public’s impression of the dirty, chaotic and other neighboring facilities of environmental protection facilities. Through the evaluation method, re-examine and inventory and integrate the existing information of the local environmental protection facilities to find specific and feasible improvement and upgrade plans. To ease the load of local waste disposal. This year, a total of 22 counties and cities across the country, selected a total of 40 cleaning team environmental protection facilities for the evaluation of operating environment and management results, from which to select excellent places, a total of 20 township and urban representatives were praised, as the future local executive organs to optimize the field reference indicators and basis. In addition, this plan proposes an example of environmental facility subsidy plans based on the current needs of common environmental facilities, which will serve as a reference for future local executive agencies to apply for central subsidy plans, and shorten the review time for future project applications. According to the environmental protection facility management system of the cleaning team, there are a total of 369 cleaning teams across the country. More than 70% of the cleaning team’s office areas are adjacent to various types of environmental protection facilities (equipment). In order to effectively grasp the status of the environmental protection facilities and the cleaning team’s work area, it is carried out effectively. Facility management and maintenance operations, so the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the cleaning team designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (including the environmental protection facilities) to carry out 15 site photography operations, and to collect relevant parameters as a reference for future site digital management according to.
Environmental protection facilities, Integration, Quality optimization of working environment