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Job Safety Promotion Plan for Cleaning Unit

To safeguard the working safety of the cleaning unit and prevent occupational accidents, Environmental Protection Administration of Executive Yuan has commissioned ‘Job Safety Promotion Plan for Cleaning Unit’ to assist in improving cleaning unit occupational safety and health management and enhanced occupational safety and health knowledge of the cleaning unit. The project has completed 10 cleaning units occupational safety and health management counseling seminars, 25 cleaning units occupational safety and health management status visits and on-site counseling meetings, provided 141 cleaning units staff to receive occupational safety and health management personnel training, and completed occupational safety and health management peocedures and documents. Completed work safety analysis of 15 types of work and 15 types of safety work standard reference examples, and held 5 "safe work standards communication meetings" to build consensus; completed three tasks with higher hazard risks for job safety analysis results, and analyzed the work alternative plans or management measures; the automatic inspection form template has been completed and 16 executive agencies have been assisted in revising the "automatic inspection plan". Regarding "Cleaning Team Work Hazard Notification and Disaster Prevention Education and Training", completed educational training slides, filming of promotional videos, handled 10 seed teacher training courses and made 250 flash drives with teaching materials, and completed 10 work safety promotional materials Figure card at the same time. Completed the " Prevention Plan for Human Factors Engineering Hazard ", "Prevention Plan for Diseases Caused by Abnormal Workload", "Prevention Plan for Illegal Infringements in Performing Duties" and "Workplace Maternal Health Protection Plan" templates, and completed 5 Health hazard prevention plan education and training sessions. 15 sessions of "Cleaning Team Work Safety Promotion Meeting" and 2 sessions of 1 day itinerary and 2 sessions of 2 days and 1 night "Cleaning Team Occupational Safety Business Contact Meeting" have been completed, and continued to assist the agency with administrative affairs until the contract performance deadline. With the various training, meetings, and formulating templates conducted by the program this year, the cleaning units’ compliance with occupational safety and health certification personnel, related regulations and documents has greatly improved. At the same time, through on-site investigation, the tutored unit has improved significantly in software and hardware.
Cleaning Unit, Occupational Safety and Health, Job Safety Analysis