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Orthorectification and Mosaicking for Multispectral Satellite Images

Image change detection is an image processing method used in remote sensing to analyze environment change in different periods. With the advancement of remote sensing, the image resolution is getting higher and higher. These images are also an important source for the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) to find the location of environmental change or illegal waste disposal. The importance of image management in environmental control is increasing. Remote sensing is anticipated to be useful in ameliorating this problem, especially in the monitoring of waste disposal sites. This project has got 33 different towns of Taiwan images from the 2019 year to 2021 year, then use ArcGIS orthomosaic tools to make 96 to 1 image. Orthorectification is a process that corrects many artifacts related to remotely sensed imagery to produce a map-accurate orthoimage. Orthoimages can then be edgematched and color balanced to produce a seamless orthomosaic. This orthomosaic is accurate to a specified map scale accuracy and can be used to make measurements as well as generate and update GIS feature class layers.
orthomosaics、 color balance、satellite image