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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

Hsinchu City promotes the integration of environmental protection permits and promotes the implementation of green procurement plans by private enterprises and organizations,2021.

1.Promote the integration of environmental protection permits: This project had assisted the Environmental Protection Agency in establishing the Hsinchu City License Integration Single Window this year (2021), building a communication software exchange platform (Line), and through consultation meetings, help draft the Hsinchu City License Integration Point Review and Consultation Process. Since 9/1/2021, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hsinchu Science and Technology Management Bureau have jointly implemented it. 21 units have submitted permit applications, of which 6 application cases have met the conditions for joint review and consulting operations and have been implemented. The average number of joint reviews is 13.6, the average calendar days and consulting assignments are 2.2 calendar days, which comply with the regulations. None of the application cases have applied for pre-consultation. We estimate it based on the number of working days. It should be the detailed information and example explanations in the explanation meeting handled this year, plus the on-site answers to the industry’s questions. Therefore, the taking part industry has a considerable understanding of the city’s operation application process, so can self-complete the preliminary drawing of the process. In addition, the quality of the environmental protection personnel of the manufacturers in the park is excellent, so there is less need to apply for pre-consultation and guidance. To let the industry inside the jurisdiction, understand the government's intention to promote the integration of environmental protection permits and the city's application process, 4 permit integration work promotion briefings were conducted this year (2021), with 136 industry operators and 157 people participating. After the questionnaires conducted the survey, 89% of the staff had understood the concept of promoting the integration of permits; 80% of the staff had understood the method of drawing the flow diagram; in addition, 20 businesses will cooperate in the integration's promotion of environmental permits in the future, which can prioritize considering being included in 2022 processing object. In addition, the conference industry has a strong demand for information related to integrating environmental protection permits, and they expect to provide methods including briefing sessions (58%), sending relevant materials (31%), online publicity (16%), and it recommended increasing diversified publicity in the future Ways to effectively enhance the industry’s understanding of environmental licensing integration. The 35 license integration pilot companies have completed the flow chart and uploaded it to EMS before October 110; according to the inspection opinions of the various authorities of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hsinchu Science and Technology Management Bureau, the main classifications are as follows: the flow direction is wrong or unmarked. 96.7%, process omissions and serial number names not based on air pollution permit content accounted for 50%, respectively, 36.7% of listed pollutants were not listed, and non-process pollutants accounted for 3.3%. 2.Promote green procurement: Despite the escalation of the epidemic alert that affects the willingness of businesses within the jurisdiction to declare in 2021, there are still 4 new private businesses taking part in the declaration, including units that have already been declared in 2020. It is estimated that 20 private enterprises and groups within the city’s jurisdiction will declare, and there are currently 3 The declaration is completed, and the other 17 companies are expected to complete it by 1/14/2022 at the latest. According to statistics, as of 11/30/2021, the total amount of green procurement declarations in this city has reached 28,591,013 NTD, with a target achievement rate of 57.2%; this project will continue to work and reach the target before the deadline of the Environmental Protection Agency (1/28/2022) (Declared at least 18 companies and the purchase amount is at least 50 million NTD); For those with an amount of over 5 million NTD, this project is expected to assist the Environmental Protection Bureau to handle praise activities (12/25/2021). To promote and encourage private green consumption within the jurisdiction, this project has coached 2 chain green stores this year (2021) to complete the first declaration, with the declared amount reaching 16.42 million NTD. In addition, a combination of 4 chain green fields and 4 non-chain green fields in the jurisdiction jointly launched the "Hsinchu City Green Consumption Go" product promotion event. As of 11/30/2021, the total sales amount reached 91,764,516 NTD, which has achieved the goal. Completed 50 sessions of publicity for the National Green Life and Green Fields entity, with 3,669 participants; and completed the purchase of publicity products including 2 million green spots, clean sea toilets, and 1,800 kitchen cleaners, to cooperate with the publicity The event produced 1,800 posters of Hsinchu City's green consumption go and environmental protection point registration member registration and green tourism event posters. We had conducted a briefing on environmental protection labels for the service industry, with 31 participants this year (2021). The results of the questionnaire survey show that 94% of the participants have basic knowledge of environmental labels and carbon footprints, and they have applied for green labels. The percentage of applicants willing to apply is 39%. In this year (2021), 9 hotels and guest houses have been coached to pass the green restaurant certification. The projects that need to be strengthened are green procurement (conformity rate 89%) and waste management (conformity rate 67%), and suggestions for improvement have been provided; to promote green restaurant certification. In combination with Mayor Lin Zhijian’s food culture marketing strategy, it invited local businesses to apply. So far, 16 catering businesses in Hsinchu City have passed the green restaurant certification. This project this year (2021) through implementing the national green life promotion activities to promote the "Environmental Green Point" to the public, Hsinchu City has added 1,127 environmental protection center members and achieved the project goals; network promotion through the establishment of " Hsinchu City Green Purchasing Business Promotion Website", so far, 42 articles on green fields and green life for all have been published, with 34,256 viewers; in addition, through the Facebook fan page, 97 articles were shared, reaching 59,294 people. To enhance the effectiveness of green consumption promotion, through the holding of an article reading contest, through the active participation of students, parents are encouraged to participate in the grand event, and then taking part in ethnic groups are expanded. 31 students participated in the event, focusing on subject compliance, creativity, and articulation. Scoring for degree and intonation expression; 17 students won awards, and it publicly released their scores online.
Hsinchu City promotes the integration of environmental protection permits and promotes the implementation of green procurement plans by private enterprises and organizations,2021.