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2021 Annual Project for Exhibition of Resource Recycling Achievements and Promotion of Executive Agencies' Resource Recycling

The execution period of this project lasts for about 11 months, from February 20th, 2021 to December 31th, 2021. This project is made up of three main parts consisting of data analysis, performance evaluation and financial subsidy effectiveness, connecting the various work elements of this project. The main purpose of this plan is to assist the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in promoting the resource recycling policies, enhancing the resource recycling effect of the executive agency and assisting the local executive agency to improve their recycling performance and quality, making clear and open recycling communication, hoping to improve nationwide recycling effectiveness. The resource recycling rate of January to October, 2021 is 60.04%, a 2.71% increase compared to the same period last year. Out of 22 counties/cities in Taiwan, 19 counties/cities show a growing resource recycling rate. 2021 reached 4,875,807 tons, a 300,968 tons increase compared to the same period last year. Main achievements include: (1) Implementing resource recycling data accuracy audit, auditing the data from June, 2021, submitted by the local government. The error of cleaning team declaration data (kg) and sell-off quantity are all less than 0.04%. (2) Local coaching result can be shown from data analysis. Nationwide garbage bag audit was deferred by the pandemic, while showing an increasing trend in the amount of municipal waste. With the pandemic slowing down and by reinforcing local executive agencies’ garbage bag audit, there was a decreasing trend. (3) Reviewing and revising the reasonableness of the quantitative indicators proposed in the 2021 performance assessment and formulating the “2022 Waste Reduction and Resource Recycling Performance Assessment Project”. (4) The project also helped evaluate the municipal solid waste physical composition in Taiwan (2018-2020), a three year average of resource recycling account for 12.78% in the garbage waste (wet basis), counties/cities showed a significant difference with their standard deviation between 0.49% to 6.15%. (5) Holding the annual review meeting of 2020 resource recycling performance both online and offline. (6) Reaching a 97.76% budget subsidy achieving rate in 2020, a 56.4% nationwide resource recycling rate (an increase of 1.8% compared to 2019). The volume of municipal waste recycled in 2020 reached 5,222,608 tons, a 5.15% increase compared to 2019. (7) The subsidy of replacement of 108 recycling vehicles, 2022 is expected to fund approximately 70 to 75 vehicles. (8) Completed review and appropriation of 7 counties’ and cities’ applications and continuing to track local governments purchasing and acceptance progress, to achieve productive results. (9) Revision of the 2022-2023 hybrid electric recycling vehicles contract specification and procurement specification, specification should meet emission standards. Completed reviewing of recycling vehicle companies’ suggestions and modifying relevant contracts; revision of the 2022 subsidy project to replace recycling vehicles, modifying project contents to meet emission standard.
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