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Refinement Strategies and Management for Incineration Plants and Recycled Aggregate (Including Fly Ash) Management System

The project has managed to predominate the operating capacity and bottom ash output information through the Solid Waste Incinerator Management System, and to manage the recycled aggregates production and flow control through the Recycled Aggregate Management System. The project further promoted garbage incineration plant bottom ash recycling by integrating the assessment of recycled aggregates management and consultation provided to local governments and recycling organizations to facilitate their cooperation with EPA regulations and policies together. This year, EPA evaluated each county and city regarding its garbage incineration plant bottom ash recycling effectiveness in 2021 and gave Special Awards to Taoyuan City, Yunlin County and Yilan County, and presented at the Awards Ceremony regarding their excellent performance in managing recycled aggregates sale by tender, conducting auditing and evaluation of ready mixed concrete plants, and self-running of warehouse type resource recycling plants etc, as benchmarks for learning by other counties and cities to enhance the values and consumption channels for the incinerating recycled aggregates under their jurisdiction. In terms of garbage incineration plant bottom ash recycling management, the project took “bottom ash treatment rate” and “aggregate consumption rate” as key indicators for the effectiveness of the operation management. According to the statistics of operation in the whole country from January to November of 2022, it is estimated that the bottom ash treatment rate can reach over 97% by the end of the year and the aggregate consumption rate can reach over 90%.
Incinerating Recycled Aggregate, Recycled-Aggregate Management System, Solid Waste Incinerator Management System