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2022 General Waste Management Information System Upgrade Project

To enhance the general waste management capability, the 2022 General Waste Management Information System Enhancement Project Workplan continues to promote the reporting and management of general waste. The outcomes of the current year are as follows: 1. Develop and propose food waste reuse and management methods; and maintain the management of pig farms adopting food waste: Collect food waste reuse examples from overseas to develop and analyze our country’s food waste reuse applications; summarize the approval status of nationwide pig farms that reuse food waste on a regular basis; check the food waste steaming and cooking records on a monthly basis to supervise management measures adopted by local authority. 2. Optimize the reporting and management functions of the Household Waste Management System: Optimize system functions in coordination with the general waste business management unit. For example, the reporting source reduction function; general waste disposal and processing funds and application reporting function; disposal machine functions; amendments to the format and computational logic of the fields according to official forms and documents; and develop the “real-time data statistical query report”. The purpose thereof is to enhance the accuracy of filled in data and statistical functions of the system. This year, account checks have also been carried out and classified by management business to reorganize the backend framework of account groups. 3. Enhance website communication: Update the layout of areas designed for the public; optimize the website traffic flow; and, in response to amendments to regulations and latest policy, continue to update the webpage for promoting the source reduction of disposal products 4. Regularly maintain system information safety and, in accordance with various electronic operation rules, assist local implementation authority to solve user problems and to properly fill in the report on time in order to maintain data quality. 5. Hold 1 session of general waste management seminar and 1 food waste recycling observation meeting to facilitate the exchange between the central and local governments; and to further ameliorate general waste management performance.
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